The NEC Xen Topaz is a professional, flexible and easy to use telephone communication system. This affordable system will meet the needs of your growing business

The NEC Xen Topaz gives you the ability to start small and build your system up to 24 extensions with nine PSTN and/or eight ISDN lines. NEC provides a comprehensive range of Xen Topaz handsets giving users friendly access to the full breadth of features available.



The Xen Topaz communication system provides over 150 features specifically designed to address the diverse communication needs of the small business market. In addition to the basic key and PBX system features, the Xen Topaz delivers the following capabilities:

  • Increase the capacity and performance of your system as your business grows. When the time comes for increasing capacity you can easily do so with a simple upgrade.
  • The automated attendant answers incoming calls and automatically transfers the calls to the relevant extension based on keypad entries made by the caller.
  • Enable you busniess processes to improve ass missed calls and uncollected messages become a thing of the past.
  • Ensure that you handle your most important communications efficiently every time, by identifying priority callers
  • The Xen Topaz can take advantage of competitive call rates from different service providers.
  • Quickly distinguish between internal and external calls.
  • Fully supports digital carrier services for improved call clarity.
  • Choose between four stylish handsets. Either simple, cost-effective non-display or feature-rich display handsets. 64-button Direct Station Select (DSS) and 24-button Direct Line Select consoles are also available for operator positions.



  • Choose between the features that suit your business needs. Features such as voicemail and automated attendant, previously reserved for larger companies, allow you to improve your customers communication experiences.
  • This system will grow and change with your business, when the time is right, gives you the freedom to take advantage of leading-edge technologies such as VoIP with simple upgrades.
  • Incorporates many clever functions that speed up the call handling process. Department calling distributes calls evenly to assigned staff using either priority or circular routing to staff. Calling name display can identify a caller's name or distinctive ringing indicating whether the call is either internal or external, so that you can answer with an appropriate greeting. If lines get too busy, automated attendant can answer calls with a tailored message and press-button options to guide the caller to the most appropriate staff member. Xen Topaz's eight port integrated digital voicemail offers either 3.5 or 7.5 hours of storage capacity and a host of call handling options including Park and Page, which lets a caller page you before leaving a message. You can also record conversations, for training purposes. You can save on call costs with Automatic Route Selection (ARS) and track costs with the Call Accounting feature.
  • The Xen Topaz provides several options to make it easy to contact staff. Internal and external paging capabilities are available, as well as call forwarding and trunk to trunk transfer which lets you connect your callers with staff when they are away from the office. Keep mobile employees connected by adding wireless phones. If your business has a security door, Xen Topaz door phone can be used to remotely communicate and open the door.
  • The Xen Topaz system can meet the ever-changing communication demands of businesses. As your needs expand, the system can grow with you.
  • The Xen Topaz's compact hardware takes up minimal space and is designed to minimise communications downtime during maintenance and/or expansion. With user-friendly PC-based programming utilities, customers can easily perform their own moves, adds and changes.