NEC SL1100 User Instructions

  • Forward calls to voicemail
  • Cancel call forward to voicemail
  • Check your voicemail box
  • Set up a security code on your voicemail box

NEC User Instructions

Telephone Display Screen - How to Set System Date and Time on NEC Telephone Systems

Headsets - Install or Remove a Corded Headset on NEC telephone-systems

    • NEC Topaz telephone system
    • IPK telephone system
    • IPK II telephone system
    • SV8100 telephone system

Speed Dials - Enter/Alter Speed Dials on your NEC telephone-system

    • Enter/Alter Speed Dials on NEC SV8000 series telephone Systems
    • IPK telephone system
    • IPK II telephone system
    • Topaz telephone system
    • AXIS/Alpha telephone system
    • Program one-touch functionality, so that at the hit of a programmable key, you can dial a speed-dial contact.